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Technological Irbutz Accelerator

Unprecedented ecosystem shaping the future
of philanthropy and social impact, utilising the benefits
of technology and multinational kindness, moved into action.

Technological Irbutz Accelerator 1
Israeli technology in motion

The ecosystem created to accelerate Tech NGOs

The Results

“We can transfer cutting edge technologies and methods, inaccessible in a normal situation, because of the high cost or a lack of trained specialists to use it for social impact. ”

What is Tech NGO? It's an organization similar to a start-up,
creating technology
to scale social impact, not market profit.

Technological Irbutz appeals to the Israeli collective communities, well known as Kibbutz, but placed in the city (hebr. ”Ir”) and reinvented. Irbutz implements an exceptional ecosystem for multinational people and organisations and bears the influence of collective acting in high-quality peer to peer mentoring, workshops, sharing experience, and solving real problems. This is the space where Tikkunology applies its methodology.

Tikkunology unites highly-trained developers, innovative creators, scientist and business experts from Israel, the UE and the USA into the Irbutz community – as digital volunteers, mentors and partners. We provide cutting edge software & hardware from Israeli Silicon Valley and international tech companies. We accord proper licences for non-comercial use to our working groups to solve vital social problems. Thanks to that, we can transfer cutting edge technologies and methods, inaccessible in a ususal situation, (because of the high cost or a lack of trained specialists), and we use it for gaining a significant social impact.

You have nice ingredients, so how does it work?

Members of the ecosystem are organised in workgroups, where they can develop vital projects. We accelerate selected ideas aimed to solve vital social problems. We care to tide closer links between the non-profit and for-profit groups, knowing that tech will transform these organisations and the scale of social impact changes they will bring. Irbutz exists to establish strong communities, able to use their skills and shared knowledge to spark brilliant ideas and foster collaborative philanthropy based on technology. We help to develop sustainable non-profit business models and funds for ech accelerated projects, know-how, proper technology and licence and and huge support of our community. Togheter we’re able to create a functioning Tech NGOs.

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Technological Irbutz Accelerator 3
Technological Irbutz Accelerator 4

What's unique?

Our unique ecosystem is something new on a scene, with tremendous potential. Creating tech NGOs, we reach beyond standard market rules and fuse both worlds empowering people to solve problems they recognise. Thanks to the collaboration with big tech companies, NGOs and experts, we build capacity for tech non-profits and vast knowledgebase with sharable frameworks for other organisations.

Tikkunology Irbutz Ecosystem

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Cutting Edge Technology

Software and hardware from Israeli Silicon Valley and other tech companies


Developers, creatives, entrepreneurs from ISRAEL, the UE and the USA

Third Sector

Organisations knowing the character of the local problems


Businesses ready for positive contribution to society.

Join the Cyber Tribe to make a real impact!

Do you know that programmers can change
the world for a better?
Make some good and grow thanks
to the Tikkunology Ecosystem.
Experience an amazing adventure and broaden your mind!

Cyber volunteers

Benefits for being in the Tikkunology tribe

Because good deeds come back to you
Prestigious workshops and trainings with mentors

Tikkunology opens the door to new skills, workshops and certificates prepared by the best experts and specialist in vast areas. Working with us makes you grow in terms of skills, methods, and self-development on a psychological level.

Working with a cutting edge technology

Thanks to our partners – tech companies from Israeli Silicon Valley and the best startups from the EU, we give you a chance to work with fantastic software and hardware to make a social impact. Feel the real power of modern technology before it full release on the market!

Become a real change-maker and contribute to society and planet

Your life is precious, and every second count a lot, don’t let it waste on doing irrelevant things. Join us and make your work matter for changing the world. Making Tikkun Olam aimed to leave this world in a better condition than you found it earlier.

Experience adventure and find your tribe

Tikkunology Foundation creates an ecosystem where people solve together vital problems and build long-lasting friendships. Don’t hesitate to join us and find liked minded people who will support you and connect with you, both emotionally and intellectually.