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Technological Irbutz Accelerator

Our unique ecosystem is something new on a scene, and it has tremendous potential to make a social impact using technology. Irbutz ecosystem creates and accelerates tech NGOs. We can reach beyond standard market rules and fuse both worlds of technology, business and non-profit, empowering local communities to solve problems they recognise. Thanks to the collaboration with big tech companies, NGOs, startups and experts, we build capacity for tech non-profits and vast knowledgebase with sharable frameworks for other organisations.

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HackHate Application scraping & AI VIOLENCE IDENTIFICATION

Thanks to our Irbutz Accelerator we’ve brought the best developers, technology and experts to create a web application ready to not only fight antisemitism but also identify and isolate hateful content from spreading on the Internet, using advantage of Machin Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our app is an automatic web scraping tool that extracts data from social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), but also blogs, news sites, any site where users generate content. It allows us also recognise the most powerful, antisemitic or hateful profiles/users on social media and create a deep view on their followers. Lastly, we’re able to automate the process of preparing solid material to notify either police, prosecutor or media owners.

  • Our APP’s very versatile and can be used not only on antisemitism topic but also other forms of discrimination;
  • it’s a comprehensive set of tools that can extrapolate vital data and engage other organisation in fighting with hate; 
  • it brings real examples of hate to create a training program for young students in elementary school;
  • on our data, we can build  better programs aimed to fight hate and antisemitism more efficient
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Projects 2
Preventing social exclusion and homelessness

Helping with a modern technology

Having a smartphone become a standard of the modern world. The most recent studies show that even people living under the poverty line have access to them. Tikkunology’s created an application designed for android phones aims to help excluded and homeless people. It is a platform containing the necessary information on a map, e.g. about night shelters, bathhouses, assistance centres, job offers. In this space, charity organizations can keep users informed about the actual address, upcoming events, workshops and help options. It provides support for people who, for many reasons (shame, low social skills or social phobias), have difficulties asking for help and support from other people or institutions. Advanced bots and real volunteers guide people step by step how to receive help on many levels: from a free meal through psychological counsel and law assistance.

Projects 3
Disinformation as a source of antisemitism

Stop fake, start thinking - online media literacy platform

We begin in Belgium, Croatia, Lithuania and Poland to develop engaging, comprehensible and innovative methods of strengthening citizens in their critical thinking skills. The project aims to alert Internet users to possible disinformation activities/narratives/techniques as well as to ‘vaccinate’ them against future dangers by giving them reliable, come-at-able knowledge prepared by experts.

Tikkunology Foundation besides engagement in the general cases, on its own initiative decided to formulate a special module dedicated to describing cases of disinformation and fake news as a source of antisemitism.

The main medium will be a website (Media Literacy Platform) with an interactive map of the EU, serving the most important narratives repository (characteristics of disinformation and fake news in selected countries) and analysed fake news cases.

Projects 4
Jewish organisations in the XXI

Tachles project to tech-up and thrive!

The global village with billions of interactions between people on the Internet is a fact. It brings new possibilities and threats.Tikkunology is dedicated to helping Jewish organisations and NGOs in following changes in society and transformations of technology to face the modern threats and prevail. Knowing that technology can be a tough nut to crack, our foundation makes it as simple and clear as possible without giving up on efficiency. We want to share our knowledge and experience to modernise these entities and prepare them for using more productive and time saving digital methods without tremendous costs.

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Projects 5

Thematic Hackathons

We use hackathons as a tool for dealing with a particular problem that needs an innovative solution. It’s a designed sprint-like event where we gather international software developers, appropriate topic experts, designers, business managers and others to cooperate usually through 48h+ event. The word “hackathon” is a mix of the words “hack” and “marathon”. During hackathons, we always provide reliable data and mentoring for better results. The effect of joined work is to create usable software or hardware product by the end of the event, which is further developed and supported by Tikkunology community in Irbutz Accelerator Program.

Check HackHate the biggest hackathon against antisemitism in the EU
Projects 6

Innovative diplomacy

We propose a new form of innovative diplomacy, supported by technology and science, to implement Sustainable Development Goals joining together governments, organisations, business and citizens to engage them into action. Tikkunology sees an opportunity to create a whole new space for cooperation, beyond reactive diplomacy or public affairs, employing Israeli technologies and solutions and change people attitude to Israel by acting for the mutual good. That’s why Tikkunology unites people with vast experience in diplomacy and fair reputation, public affairs and multinational cooperation to spread vital changes, methods and technological advance for improving the world – the Ambassadors of the Good. 

Ambassadors Tikkunology

Cyclical projects and events:


HackHate Hackathon

We introduce the biggest hackathon in Europe fighting against antiSemitism on the Internet and in public space with programmers and mentors from across four countries. We’ve hacked the hate using high technology – machine learning and AI.
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