We make Tikkun Olam*

using technology.

We’re Tikkunology Foundation!

תיקון עולם‎, lit. 'repair of the world'

We use cutting edge technologies, innovations, startup ecosystem and business to solve challenging social issues and ecology threats in a new efficient way.

Who we are?

We make a social and policy impact through technology
and kindness - Shalom!

Tikkunology brings the new model of philanthropy and the CSR

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We foster Jewish heritage by implementing new ways of improving people’s lives and the world. In our endeavour to act in accordance with Tikkun Olam – repairing the world – we strive to establish strong and positive relationships between Jewish people and other nations by connecting them in joint efforts to solve vital problems. Tikkunology makes technology and science as a human allies, combining them with philanthropy. We use cutting edge solutions, the CSR, innovations, mentoring of top-class experts, the startup-entrepreneurship ecosystem and business leadership to solve challenging social issues. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Big Data, Blockchain, Neuroscience or new forms of collaboration are our tools to make the world a better place.


We Execute the United Nations 2030 Agenda
For Sustainable Development a Reality

17 Goals to Transform Our World

What we do?

We’re the first Tech NGOs accelerator in Europe

What is Tech NGO? It's an organization creating technology to scale social impact, not profit.

We merge worlds of tech startups and non-profit organisations aiming to create and scale innovative solutions. We identify a challenging problem that needs to be addressed, then we blend science, business and kindness to bring exceptional projects to life. We achieve it by using know-how from technological startups and experience gathered by people working in NGOs.

Tikkunology creates a unique ecosystem for non-profit tech initiatives with all what’s needed to thrive on top-class mentoring, liked-minded community and funds called Technological Irbutz Accelerator. We help to develop sustainable non-profit business models and connect people who share common objectives of enhancing society. Our goals and methods allow fruitfully cooperating with business in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovations for a better impact.

Next level of philanthropy

The powerful mixture

We translate scaling for non-profit organisations, releasing their full potential. Scaling is the ability of a company to expand its customer base or profits without a significant rise in operating costs. It’s one of the most important words in startups’ dictionary, and it is the essence of digital technology.

Israel is well known as a land of innovation, where multiple entrepreneurs succeed and many innovative technologies were born. We’re going further, taking all that’s best from startups model and bridge it with NGOs and philanthropy to reach a vast audience. The world’s most significant social problems, from healthcare or education to human rights, deserve the most reliable technological solutions.

Can you give me an example?

Tikkun Olam reinvented! Check out our projects:

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Technological Irbutz Accelerator

Our unique ecosystem is something new on a scene, and it has tremendous potential to make social impact using technology. Irbutz ecosystem creates and accelerates tech NGOs. We can reach beyond standard market rules and fuse both worlds of technology, business and non-profit, empowering local communities to solve problems they recognise. Thanks to the collaboration with big tech companies, NGOs, startups and experts, we build capacity for tech non-profits and vast knowledgebase with sharable frameworks for other organisations.

Read more about Irbutz

Thematic Hackathons

We use hackathons as a tool for dealing with a particular problem that needs an innovative solution. It’s a designed sprint-like event where we gather international software developers, appropriate topic experts, designers, business managers and others to cooperate usually through 48h+ event. The word “hackathon” is a mix of the words “hack” and “marathon”. During hackathons, we always provide reliable data and mentoring for better results. The effect of joined work is to create usable software or hardware product by the end of the event, which is further developed and supported by Tikkunology community in Irbutz Accelerator Program.

Check HackHate the biggest hackathon against antisemitism in the EU
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Innovative diplomacy

We propose a new form of innovative diplomacy, supported by technology and science, to implement Sustainable Development Goals joining together governments, organisations, business and citizens to engage them into action. Tikkunology sees an opportunity to create a whole new space for cooperation, beyond reactive diplomacy or public affairs, employing Israeli technologies and solutions and change people attitude to Israel by acting for the mutual good. That’s why Tikkunology unites people with vast experience in diplomacy and fair reputation, public affairs and multinational cooperation to spread vital changes, methods and technological advance for improving the world – the Ambassadors of the Good. 

Ambassadors Tikkunology
Jewish organisations in the XXI

Tachles project to tech-up and thrive!

The global village with billions of interactions between people on the Internet is a fact. It brings new possibilities and threats.Tikkunology is dedicated to helping Jewish organisations and NGOs in following changes in society and transformations of technology to face the modern threats and prevail. Knowing that technology can be a tough nut to crack, our foundation makes it as simple and clear as possible without giving up on efficiency. We want to share our knowledge and experience to modernise these entities and prepare them for using more productive and time saving digital methods without tremendous costs.

Use our free video conference platform for NGOs!
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Expanding the reach of CSR

Tikkunology brings a new way of CSR adjusted to measurable and performance-oriented goals, boosted by using technology and proper frameworks. We reach beyond standard activities of supporting local society and raise a Collective Impact Approach, where various non-profits, specialised on the particular problem, joined together with experts from research centres and companies to work on reliable, sustainable solutions of issues. To ensure that the CSR projects are aligned with other commonly accepted frameworks, we drew on global reporting guidance, including the Sustainable Development Goals. From all of that emerge a powerful assembly focused on achieving the goals and making some good to the world, with possibilities to scale and develop the project on the next level

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Cyclical projects and events:


HackHate Hackathon

We introduce the biggest hackathon in Europe fighting against antiSemitism on the Internet and in public space with programmers and mentors from across four countries. We’ve hacked the hate using high technology – machine learning and AI.
Tikkunology FAQ

Do you have any questions? If you don’t,
please take a look on our website once again!

Can you give me some examples of tech NGOs?

Yes! To fully understand how tech NGOs can operate, let’s dive into two examples, initiatives which are scalable, tech and non-profit. Sharing meals is a well-known method of helping people, but can we make it scalable by technology? Imagine a technological platform enabling food businesses to become a donor in one click and redistribute surplus food to people experiencing food insecurity, instead of wasting it. Food donors using the app can choose their donation plan based on how frequently their business wants to donate. All they need to do is to create an account and request a pickup. Then the food rescue team will come to collect meals and drop them where needed. Non-profit organisations and communities in need can sign up to receive safe, reliable food and thanks to app we can measure the social impact and easily spread the program on the Internet. Food donors are additionally rewarded by popularity grow and great image in social media.

Who supports us?

Tikkunology gathers outstanding experts, leaders, scientists and partners from multiple countries like USA, Israel, Poland – Weizmann Institute, Tel-Aviv University, MIT, Stanford, NASA, Singularity University, and many other prestigious science centres and non-profit organisations. We cooperate with top technological companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, CISCO, Dell and many others. We receive support from software agencies, providing us with the most talented coders, who build Tikkunology tech-community with us.

Can I support your idea?

Interested? Involve! Contact us to get more information about Irbutz and possibilities of cooperation with our community! Tikkunology prepared a detailed program for donors and all people who are ready to support this vital project or participate. You’ll be able to track your social and environmental impact through your personalized dashboard and pdf reports and try out our blockchain funding platform for the best transparency and real-life money flow.

What are the goals of Tikkunology Foundation?

  • combine Polish and Israeli change-makers, developers, creatives and experts to work on mutual social and ecological problems
  • unite various Jewish organisations in making a positive social and cultural impact for the other nations, in partnership with local NGOs, non-profit and research centres
  • rebuild relations between Jews and Polish people above politics and differences, but on a solid ground of cooperation, technology and problem solving
  • continue a vast Jewish philanthropic tradition in a modernised, effective form
  • use the benefits of Israeli cutting edge technologies, science and Jewish peoplehood to help other nations through cooperating with local charities and NGOs; create and accelerate the best ideas
  • change the image of Jews and fight with stereotypes where Jews are closed communities focused only on themselves
  • rise awareness of shared history, culture and understanding by working together
  • promoting the Tikkun Olam approach and raising awareness of individual responsibility for the future of the world and other nations
  • sustain and develop Jewish peoplehood  
  • applying the the UN SDGs 
  • support democracy, media literacy, ecology threats
  • promote cultural Jewish activities and art

Why are you supposed to support us?

If you love Jewish heritage and wisdom at its finest and understand the importance of Tikkun Olam mission reinvented for new generations, we are the perfect match for you! We give reliable and powerful prospective tools sourced from technology and science that are used to solve the real problems unsolving earlier in history. We want to establish strong and positive relationships between Jews and other nations by bringing the light of knowledge and innovation in solving human problems. Stereotypes, hate or antisemitism can be beaten at best by changing the associations that people carry in their minds. It can be achieved only by giving them a different experience. Now you can use this opportunity!

  • supporting Jewish heritage and Israel, changing the image of Jewish communities, as well as making charity for those who need help the most thanks to Irbutz project
  • develop a new dimension of philanthropy where resources are used in the most efficient way, based on science and technology approach (Tech NGOs) 
  • fight with antisemitism, hate and stereotypes 
  • transfer Israeli technology and science to other countries (notably to Poland), showing their benefits and market potential upon making some good for other people; 
  • there’s no better way to create strong bonds than joining young people from Israel and Poland to solve vital, mutual human problems; Tikkunology cares to give them a strong historical and cultural background as well as support from the best experts, local NGOs and tech business; a non commercial aspect opens people heart and let them contribute to the case; volunteers are rewarded for their work through free access to Jewish and Polish cultural infrastructure, scholarships and mentoring, access to superior technology and prestigious workshops in Israel.  
  • we provide you with measurable social and environmental impact data with full money transparency and cash flow

a change-maker

with Tikkunology

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If we want to solve vital social and environmental problems we must use the best advantage that we have - technology, science and the human ability of cooperation. We have a great opportunity to utilise technology not only for profit but also to make a social impact and scale.

Jakov SchimmelpfennigCEO of Tikkunology foundation